Leaving Paris soon

Just some weeks left until our adventure in Paris ends! How time flies! My last weeks here in Paris were good, there were a lot of exams, and I hope that everything went fine. On Monday we are going to Marrakesh which is going to be super exciting. I have never been to Morocco before, so I’m really curious about the country and its culture.

A lot has happened since my last entry. Austria, luckily, did not vote for a far-right candidate in the presidential elections. The former green spokesperson Alexander van der Bellen won the second round, and I’m relieved and happy. I met him the first time in 2009 at a Green Congress and talked to him for a while. I always had a lot of respect for him, and I’m sure that he is going to do a good job.

Paris has been quite rainy the last weeks, I hope that it will be better soon. I still don’t know the results of my studies, it takes quite a long time here. If everything goes right I will start with a Master in Language and Intercultural Communication in Gothenburg this year. I really look forward to it, especially because I finally decided to let go of my fear of not getting a job in the future and just do what I really love. In the beginning, I wanted to do a Master in Human Rights in Gothenburg, but after some reflection I think it’s better to focus on my real interests, sociolinguistics, language policy and so on. Maybe I could do some research one time or another?

I’m excited to come back to Sweden again. Paris has been nice, but after those months here I learned to appreciate a lot of things in Sweden I didn’t think of in the beginning. The people, the university system, the welcoming culture, nature (!)… Paris is rough. There is a tough climate at uni and some elitism in the French society I learned to dislike. I appreciate more and more living in a country where people go less after your last name or your contacts, but more after your background and skills. Maybe I am naive, but I think Sweden doesn’t have the same situation here.

Parisians have told me that it is impossible to compare countries. France and Sweden, or Germany and Austria, cannot be compared, their societies are in their eyes too different. This might well be true, but I think one might strive towards better goals, and comparison with other countries can contribute to the discussion. I don’t say that everything is better in other countries, Sweden and Austria have their problems as well. I might as well miss a few things here in Paris, for example the relaxed coffee and bar culture, going out, just having a glass of wine and so on..

Keep updated on my blog, I will try to write about a few things soon again. Stay tuned!


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