locus from Old Latin stlocus, from Proto-Indo-European *stel- ‎(to put, place, locate)

inter from Old Latin interProto-Indo-European *h enter ‎(between”)


My name is Niklas. I have started to create this blog to write about things I care about, to express my opinion on everything that crosses my mind.

English is not my mother tongue, though I’ll stick to English for now, mostly because my target group is spread over different countries. I’m sure I’ll make one or two mistakes every now and then.

I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, not in this skyscraper though:


After school I decided to move to my mother’s home country Sweden and I live in Gothenburg since 2013. I started to study French at the University of Gothenburg and I will finish my Bachelors degree in summer 2016.

Since I was a child I am passionate about politics and languages. Raised bilingually (German/Swedish), I learned English, French, Latin and Italian (in this order) at school, and languages have played a key role for me ever since.



When I was 16, I started to get active in the Austrian Green Party and especially in the Young Greens. Between 2010 and 2013 I worked voluntarily in different positions, first in the local executive committee of the Greens in my hometown Schwechat, later as the spokesperson of the Young Greens in my federal state.


After moving to Sweden, I decided to get involved on a non-political basis. The Swedish Red Cross seemed to be a perfect organisation for me, working with humanitarian aid, human rights, locally and internationally. I joined the First Aid group and work with all kind of people at sport or music events giving advance first aid.

My university studies in my main topic French helped me to understand more about our world, and I also took courses in History and International Relations. My bachelor thesis is about language policy in French Polynesia (perfect combination if you are interested in language and politics!). If you are interested, you can find it here (in French): 


I have considered starting a blog for quite some time, and now I will try to fulfill my goal.

Here, I hope to inspire and provoke you. Feel free to comment and discuss!


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